Property30.com is a realty destination & an advanced platform to fulfill estate needs. The aim is to provide quality property consultation and assistance to the modern property investor or an end user. Being an independent real estate entity, meeting the needs of a buyer and providing the desired services in record time are our primary concern at Property30.com. We provide our users as well as the developers a common platform where the transactions can take place in a transparent manner. This practice assists every investor to invest wisely & reap much more than expected.

Having existing since 2009, Property30.com has realized dreams of 4500+ families & created assets in the shape of 1100+ network of professionals across globe. Property30.com visions to be one of the India's Top Realty Consultants. Having a turnover of more than 3000 crores, we effort continuously to diversify operations across India. Property30.com delicately chooses to work with Developers & utmost care is taken prior getting into contract with them in respect to developer's financial strength & intent of deliverability of commitments. After thorough research a project is adopted to be offered & promoted in market, ensuring primarily all legal formalities in place & transparent booking process.

Property30.com has tasted the flavor of different real estate markets of India like – Bangalore, Delhi NCR, Haridwar, Lucknow & Agra. The experience has enriched us with investment from esteemed clients from India & International. We specialize in NRI clientele & ensure timely services respecting the time difference.




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2016 Mega Offer


Our Esteemed Clients

Prashant Patil
Invested in Supertech Astralis

Adeel Zafar (Finance Head)
Invested in Supertech Astralis

Shubham Tiwari (Operations Professional)
Invested in Supertech Astralis

Akshay Batra
Invested in Supertech Astralis

Arun Sharma
Invested in Supertech Astralis

Satyendra Nath
Invested in Eco Village 1

Servesh Kumar (Branch Manager)
Invested in Paarth Humming Estate

Raja Rohan Singh (Zonal Business Manager)
Invested in Luvnest

Swarit Goyal
Invested in Supertech Astralis

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