Supertech Limited is probably the most renowned of elite developers in India. Formed almost 25 years back, the group reins the real estate in NCR area of India. From the day of its formation the group is scaling new verticals each year, it has received a number of recognitions and awards for the quality work it has done during all these years. The company is famous for initiating new architectural methods into its construction which thereafter become common norms in architecture. The group was established under the kind guidance of Mr. R. K. Arora, the key founder of this realty giant. This realty giant has created a number of landmark projects during its operational years, Supertech has no doubt taken the realty architecture to a whole new level. The company has reached this level of proficiency only because of a great team of seasoned professionals as well as managers, who work their best to make this company reach new levels of expertise. The developer is one of the pioneers in real estate industry to launch the concept of integrated mixed use cities, also, the group was amongst the firsts to build high-rise towers in Northern India.

The group has already completed more than 33 million sq. ft. of residential and commercial spaces plus this organization covers more than 75 million square feet of under construction property worth Rs. 14,000 Crores thus making it the largest among the Indian real estate companies working in Northern India. Supertech Limited has introduced a variety of architectural concepts in construction which has improved the quality of architecture in India by many levels. These techniques include Precast Technology which has made possible construction throughout the year plus Jump Form Technology which hastens the construction of any high rise tower. With a customer base of more than 50,000 the developer outshines almost any other builder in India.