AMB Group is a planned organization of seasoned professionals who try their best to mould the industry into something which it will stand as in future. This futuristic and planned approach makes this developer stand apart from a large variety of developers present in the Indian realty industry. The core aim of the developer is to establish such work and realty spaces which allow the visitors and users a work and play environment. The major work area of this developer is Delhi and NCR and it has made its presence felt especially in the city of Gurgaon. Its inception came out with a vision to change the realty industry from being an unorganized sector to something lucrative and coordinated. It has gradually changed into a premium and multi faceted developer which thinks of developing premium developments. The developer has an exceptional experience of more than a couple of decades and thus there is little it hasn't achieved in that tenure. AMB has developed a number of developments which include Knowledge Park V, Techzone, Ecotech in Greater Noida. It was after these constructions that the developer moved its focus towards Gurgaon.

AMB Developers thus came up to a number of premium developments which increased the interest of the customers which were quite ready to invest into premium developments of quality construction. Thus it gained the trust and support of its target audience and thereafter became a brand especially in the northern part of the nation. AMB Group always aims towards giving the best of quality and infrastructure to its customers and thus promises only which it could deliver and delivers what it promises, and that too on time. So if someone really wants to invest into commercial real estate then the best of a few reliable options available within the North Indian realty market, AWB could be your best bet.