Having a huge customer base of delighted national as well as international customers, the Logix Group prides in itself to be marked as a dedicated group which is focussed to provide a complete living solution to its customers. Thus, the group ultimately helps its customers in living the best possible life by taking away the deadliest of their worries i.e. having a nice place to live in. After having designed a market for itself in the luxury professional spaces section, the team has traversed into the residential and corporate sections of Indian real estate. The realty group till date has proficiently managed to establish a perfect address for more than 4000 customers who are really happy for making a choice to invest in Logix. Plus the builder is furthermore developing over 40 million sq ft of hospitality, residential, retail, IT and commercial spaces under its hood. Although with much efforts, the group has efficiently managed to create a standing for itself, even during these competitive times all this has become possible only by providing finest of living spaces to its residents. Logix is dedicated to maintain and increase its customers by sticking to its core value 'excellence through quality', through its indomitable will it strives to develop and create new spaces for those who believe in changing difficulties into opportunity.

Little wonder that, every milestone project developed by the team is powerful in character and perspective. Nowadays, Logix Team is symbolic of delivering top quality results which has become possible only after anticipating the waves and growth. The developers is still trying to give the maximum to its customers, only to maintain the image it has created for itself after much labour and toil. The reason that the group is trusted by almost all buyer demographics is because the group has till now never broken its promises and made a place into the hearts of its large customer base.